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In keeping with lyric of ever popular Lorde, sure a majority of us would never come close to being Royal, but that’s doesn’t mean it should stop us from looking like royalty. It’s amazing how the smallest addition to your outfit like a scarf can make such a big difference in our appearance.


Look and feel like royalty dressed to impress. This doesn’t translate to going over the top and buying a ridiculously expensive designer dresses and handbags, just a subtle extra like a scarf can lift your up to the level of celebrity. The best thing about scarves is that it doesn’t matter what kind you wear, but how you wear it.

Wear your scarf like a duchess would

Probably everyone’s favourite royal personality these days would be the wonderful Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. As she travels a lot with her husband the Duke of Cambridge, Prince William, she makes it a point to look her bonny best at all times. Her effortless look recently captured on a visit stood out with her jacket and scarf combo that bespoke elegance.

Try the Duchess’ look in a tartan check scarf wrapped around the neck once and tied in a simple knot in the front with the ends left to hang loose. Turtleneck under woven bright orange blended knee length woollen coat, worn with a midi pencil skirt and leggings or skinny leather pants paired with knee high suede leather boots.

Mirror sophistication like the Queen of Jordan

Beautiful to say the least, the Queen Raina of Jordan is a fashion style icon and representative of strong women the world over. Sightings of her on trips around with King Abdullah II of Jordan prove her chic use of scarfs to create unique and stunning styles. Often seen dressed in a hijab, Queen Raina exudes sophistication and subtle allure in a winning style that’s simple at heart.

Loosely drape a scarf over your head and wrap the ends around on either side of your neck and leave to hang loose down your shoulders.

Mirror the fashion of Lady Di

Timeless and eternal fashion styling of Lady Di continue to surface regularly as trends ladies will never forget. Princess Diana often wore scarves to beautifully accentuate her outfits, and has made the head scarf increasingly popular fashion style.

Simply drape a scarf over your head leaving bangs or front bit of head visible and wrap the ends around your neck for an effortless royal and elegant look.

royal elegant scarf

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