Make a Splash with a Bright Colored Scarf



A bright scarf can add just that touch of flair you need to your style. Big bold prints or vibrant pop colors can make a run-of-the-mill look into something truly special.

Don’t be afraid to go bold

go bold

Since your scarf is an accessory, you can afford to wear colors that you might usually find too strong for a dress or top. Get out of your comfort zone and go bold. The brighter the better!

Pick a print

pick a print


Designers have some amazing patterns in the market right now. For the really experimental, a fun choice is a multi patterned scarf with each design segment in a different set of colors. This works well with a simple outfit and can turn the scarf from an accessory to the highlight of your look. If that sounds like a bit too much for you, then opt for a beautiful bright floral scarf. The motif is timeless and the cheery flowers will bring a smile to your face.

Add some pop

pop scarf

If you have decided to go bright, why not go all the way? Choose a scarf in a really bright pop color. Neon green or blue can look great on a summery white ensemble. A bright pink or yellow can turn a plain jane ‘jeans and T’ look into something fun.

Stay on trend

stay on trend

Color is very haute right now. The more eye catching the color the better. So channel your inner style diva and get an on trend vermillion, cerulean or fuchsia scarf.

Experiment with fabrics

fabric scarf

For a great day look, choose a cotton scarf in a bright color. For a night out on the town, opt for something in a bright hued silk to add some elegance. Woolen scarves don’t have to be boring browns or dull grays. Pick one with some punch to drive away cold weather blues.


Test the waters

 test the water

If you are afraid of an over the top pattern or if neon isn’t your thing, meet the style halfway. Choose a scarf with a bright base, but in a pattern that combines it with a neutral color. Or pick a quiet cream, beige or black with bright accents. Another way to go bright is to pick tiny bright patterns that go all over the scarf but on a simple background. Picture a lovely white scarf dotted with birds or little drops in all the colors of the rainbow.

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