Get Cozy this Winter with Woolen Scarves


When that first leaf falls in autumn, you probably start planning your wardrobe for cooler weather. Out come the boots, the coats and quite likely – your collection of woolen scarves. They are a great way to bring some wintry wow to your outfit.

 woolen scarves

Get toasty

A nice soft woolen scarf can be like a warm hug. Wrap it around yourself to feel cozy and safe from the elements. No matter how big a jacket you wear, you will always find the need for a good woolen scarf. Keep your neck and shoulders warm with one.

get toasty

Practical yet chic

Being practical and staying warm doesn’t have to come at the cost of style. Unlike summer, your other accessories are trapped under layers of clothing. And woolen scarves aren’t just a necessary winter accessory, they are an essential part of every fashion conscious woman’s wardrobe. Look fabulous on your commute to work or on that dinner date with a gorgeous woolen scarf. And if you really want to stand out, pick a faux fur or a bright color.

practical yet chic

Back to black – and more

A classic black wool scarf is a must in a winter wardrobe. Greys, browns and creams are useful too. But don’t be afraid to get a little adventurous with color. You will welcome the cheer a color brings to a gloomy winter’s day. Think red, plum, green, mustard.

Designs on your scarf

Channel some retro chic with a traditional knit or go contemporary with a modern geometric style. Try some fun options like the infinity scarf that take the hassle out of knotting your scarf.

royalty cozy scarf

Feel like royalty in a cozy scarf

A luxurious cashmere will keep you warm and feeling like a princess. Pashmina scarves are uber soft and ever so light. This versatile scarf works just as well in summer as it does in winter. And in the daytime or for evenings out. So it may be a worthwhile investment to save up and get yourself a piece of unmatched sophistication and warmth all in one.

Warmth on a budget

If you’re craving the warmth of a cashmere without busting your bank, buy a merino or angora. These long lasting scarves are warm and luxurious but not quite as expensive as a pashmina. If your budget doesn’t stretch that far, stick with an acrylic-wool mix.

Spread the warmth

Gift a woolen scarf to a friend or family member this holiday season and they’llthank you for it. Choose something to match their style. It doesn’t have to be designer. Just find something that will become a wardrobe staple or a unique style that exemplifies who they are.

spread the warmth

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