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It doesn’t matter what gender, age or personality type you are, scarves come first choice to many people, especially during winter. Not only do they keep the cold out and your nice and warm in layers under your jacket, they add a vibrancy and definite charm to any sort of look. No matter if you’re dressed up for an elegant evening dinner, or headed off to a wedding, or even set for just another day at the office, scarves make a world of difference.


Scarves are must have winter fashion accessories, these versatile extras can be worn in a myriad ways and come in countless styles. Just a simple knot can make a big impact and create a completely different style with the same piece.

Use a simple scarf to render various looks and feel oh so chic and great. Here are some quick ways to capture the style and essence of being a Parisian in a few steps.

The express knot

express knot

An official favorite of executives, cool college students and myriad of folk in between, the express is a quick fix for busy people on their way and in a hurry. Begin by folding your scarf in half, with the loop in your left hand the two loose ends in the other. Slip the scarf over your head and the threads through the loop, and voila, you’re all set to conquer the world.

Basic and simple

basic and simple

French folk love to keep things as minimal as possible, which is why this style of scarf s one of the most common and popular styles seen on the streets of Paris. Keep one end of your scarf short and in the front and keep wrapping the other end till it reaches the same size of the short in the front, you can either leave the ends to dangle in the center or in the back, or knot them up and push to one side.

The double wrap

double wrap


Often used during the coldest times of the year, this is a fashionably dapper way to wear your scarf. Use a bulky scarf and tuck one end in your coat and wrap it around your neck repeatedly all the way up to the chin.

The Italian twist

italian twist

Perhaps the most complicated knot, take the scarf behind your neck and hold one end in your hand at the breast. With your other hand loosely wrap the scarf once around your neck, take the end you’re holding through the U of the loop formed over one and under the other.

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