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Have you been spending your summer with the World Cup? Don’t be ashamed; we all have. I mean come on…it’s only every four years! It’d be a shame to miss a single game and le gasp go outside! You may or may not have seen our blog post on the history of soccer scarves. If not, you probably should.

Anyway, here we are getting closer and closer to that championship game and there are only eight teams remaining. As a scarf blogger, who also loves FIFA, it would only be fair for me to discuss the scarves of the eight remaining teams, right? I thought so.

…don’t cry for me…

Argentina are pretty much rock stars of the World Cup, and always regarded as main contenders. This long acrylic blue and white scarf has the Argentina logo on it with fringe on the ends and is perfect to wear in support. (if Argentina is your team..) Argentina has won the Cup twice and been runners up twice. Do you think they and their blue scarves have a chance?

Brazil fans are intense. You wouldn’t think that soccer just got popular there in the early 20th Century. In fact, their first World Cup was 1930. It doesn’t matter when it got big though, the fans are still likely to all be wearing this yellow and blue Brazil scarf in support of their team. There’s also the yellow and green scarf that was made just for the World Cup and reads “South Africa” in addition to Brasil.

Let’s go…

Germany has gone through a lot in the history of the World Cup just creating and maintaining a national team that was allowed to play. Fans are super pumped about the finals and are sporting the Deutschland scarf left and right!

Basically, Ghana’s been tearing it up, probably because this rad scarf: red, yellow, green and black with their logo and some stars. They are the third African team in history to make it to the World Cup quarter-finals.

Uruguay has played in ten World Cups and won it twice, in 1930 and in 1950. In 1930, they won on their home turf as they were the site of the first FIFA World Cup. They are the smallest country, in terms of population, to ever win it.

I know that a lot of us would have like to have seen another red, white, and blue scarf floating around in the quarter finals, but Paraguay’s all right. This is their first trip to quarter finals.

Spain has qualified for the World Cup 12 times and reached the quarter finals five times. They have yet to win it though. Do you think it’s their turn to shine?

This Dutch national team has been in two World Cup finals. They were also nicknamed ‘Clockwork Orange’ in the 1970s for their precision passing. They are ranked fourth in the FIFA rankings.

So there you have it! The top 8! Who do you think is going to take it all? Let us know your predictions.

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