Organizing Your Scarves


Getting ready in the morning is no easy task. We’ve all been there – trying to piece together an outfit when  going back to bed is the only thing on your mind. Why not make your mornings just a little bit easier and organize your scarf collection? With your scarf collection in order, you can complete the perfect outfit in seconds flat. Who knows, it might save you enough minutes that you can hit snooze just one more time.

In addition to making your morning routine easier, organizing your collection will help save space, de-clutter your life, and protect your scarves from damage and unwanted wrinkles.

Organizing your scarves doesn’t have to be a complicated or expensive endeavor. There are a number of ways to store scarves, so you can find the method that works for your collection.

Scarf Drawer.
An open drawer or storage container makes a great home for scarves. Folding or rolling each scarf will prevent unwanted wrinkles and make it easier for you to see your entire collection.

Hanging Cluster. If you’re low on shelving space, hanging your scarves is a great option. And for those DIY-ers out there, you can construct your own scarf hanger in five easy steps.

Scarf Organizer. If you’re looking for a quick and easy fix, a hanging scarf organizer may be the solution for you. With a scarf organizer, each scarf will hang from a separate hook. This makes scarves easily accessible and helps them maintain their shape. You can find scarf organizers at many home organization and home goods stores.

Coat Hanger. If a scarf organizer isn’t in the budget and crafts aren’t exactly your thing, a wire or plastic hanger can serve as a scarf organizer. Just be sure not to overload one hanger with your entire collection. Use multiple hangers so you can actually find the scarf you’re looking for.

Long-Term Storage. If you’re looking to store your scarves for an extended period of time, store them in sealed Ziploc bags to protect them from moths, dust, and other elements.


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