Four Knots for a Round Neckline


A staple in any woman’s wardrobe, the round neckline is classic and universally flattering – we like to think of it as the LBD of necklines. But just like your knockout dress needs a new pair of heels every now and then, your go-to neckline could use a playful addition on occasion – like say, a knock-your-socks-off scarf. :)

Back in October we introduced the Fancy Braid as our bound-to-wow knot for a round neckline. Since we’re sure you mastered the braid months ago, we thought it was time we shared a few of our other favorites knots fit for a round neckline, along with the scarves you just hafta-have to complete the look!

The Knots

Four Knots for a Round Neckline 
Four-in-Hand Twisty Scarf Loop Double Loop The Carmen Miranda

The Scarves

Round necklines are so versatile that essentially any scarf will do, but we’re particularly fond of the following:

Lightweight scarf reid infinity classic pashmina
Lightweight scarves for summer Infinities for winter Pashminas for a classic look

Find a favorite scarf (or two or three) and start tying! When it comes to the round neckline, the sky’s the limit, lovelies.

Not sure how to scarf-style the rest of your closet? We’ve got you covered with knots for nine different necklines.

scarf knots for every neckline

And for an even more in-depth guide to scarf styling, check out our eBook – All Tied Up. Our insiders guide to necklines can be found on page seven!

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