Happy Origami Day


The art of paper folding has been around for many centuries. Here at Sorigamicarves Dot Net we are always looking for new ways to get creative and we love when there are entire days dedicated to it. Today we are learning a little bit more about Origami and the art of folding paper.

The word Origami originates from two smaller Japanese words “oru” meaning to fold and “kami” meaning paper. Origami began sometime after Buddhist Monks brought paper into Japan in the 6th century. Paper was very expensive and the only uses for origami was in very sacred religious practices.


pink origamiAs paper became more and more common and less expensive origami started to become a main stream art form in Japan. Even Samurai warriors have been known to make gifts for their fellow warriors from paper.

Modern origami has attracted a world-wide interest. There are many new forms of origami and many techniques. The most common kind of paper used in paper folding is thin, strong paper or tissue foil.The most common technique is called “wet-folding” which requires dampening of the paper to make it easier to fold.


As origami becomes more and more popular artists have been experimenting with other forms of paper folding such as mask-making. The best known origami fold is the Japanese paper crane, there are many different intricate ways in which origami artists can achieve the Japanese paper crane. origami

Want to try out some origami folds?? Listed below are some great resources for learning more about this beautiful art form.

Origami: How to

Origami Instructions 

Have a wonderful Origami Day! What’s your favorite origami fold? Make sure to share with us your DIY Origami projects.


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