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Like any other fashion fanatic, over a while the number of scarves in your wardrobe grows, which perhaps leaves you wondering about better ways to store them all. For those of you who haven’t figured a storage solution to maintain and have all your pretty scarves neatly arranged and easily accessible for those last minute outfits. Here are some creative ways to go about storing your scarf, while brightening up your wardrobe.

Choose an apt approach to storing your prized scarves according to the size of your room or closet space, lifestyle and free time.

Fence it up

A simple and somewhat ready way to accommodate a scarf rack into your space is to incorporate a spin on a section of old scrap fence. If you don’t have a bit of used fence around, then you could use an old window rail with horizontal bars instead. Simply clean it properly and if need be apply a touch of paint in a suitable color and you have a really cool scarf rack and wonderful addition to room décor as well.

fence it up

Rail organized

Attach vertically spaced towel rails onto a free wall, perhaps the one behind the door to your room and use them to hang your scarves. A great way to organize your collection of long and dainty scarves, this is a quick fix method to scarf storage issues.

rail organized

Plastic cup ‘em

Clear out a drawer to store your scarves. Begin with placing a funky paper board on the bottom and fit the space with clear plastic cups and glue the bottom to the paper board. Plastic cups make perfect containers for scarves that sit in beautifully when rolled up or folded just right.

plastic cum em

String them along

Another incredibly easy way to organize your scarf is to string a metal wire or tension rod across, either inside or along the edge of your wardrobe. Before you do fix the wire to its end pegs, run a number of clothes pins through the wire and voila! You have a scarf holder. Simply clip your scarves on to find the best choice for every day looks.

string them along

Hanger and rings

If your wardrobe suffers from space constraints, then a DIY ringed scarf hanger is just what you need. Simply wrap a regular coat hanger with strips of scrap fabric and attach chains of shower curtain rings also wrapped in scrap fabric and you have a great and space efficient scarf holder.

hanger and ring

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