Thrifty Thursday


Thrifty Thursday

Ever feel like you are sacrificing your style to stay on budget? Well, have no fear, Scarves Dot Net is here to help. Scarves Dot Net has long since been dedicated to offering fashionable scarves at affordable prices, without sacrificing quality. On the blog today we are discussing how to help you become a better thrifty scarves shopper!


Let’s see if you can tell the difference between the affordable scarves and their more expensive counterparts! Budget Scarves vs Expensive Scarves

1. A two-toned infinity scarf–great for keeping you nice and toasty during the cold winter months.  Both scarves are 100% Acrylic, one has a high price tag and one does not. Which one do you think is the affordable scarf?

If you guessed the scarf on the left then you are correct! Featured is Scarves Dot Net’s new Carter Knit Infinity Scarf, only $21.94. The expensive counterpart to the Carter can be found at for $59.50.

2. A sold colored pashmina is perfect for almost any occasion! Both scarves have been featured in popular style magazines like Women’s Day. Which scarf do you think is the affordable one?

If you guessed the scarf on the right then you are correct! The Solid Colored Pashmina is one of Scarves Dot Net’s best sellers and can be yours for only $11.01. Its sunshine friend can be found here for $78.00.

3. Houndstooth is our new best friend! It is so versatile and can dress up any outfit. Both scarves feature this “so hot right now” houndstooth trend; however, they both do not feature the same price. Which is which?

If you guessed the scarf on the left to be the affordably chic scarf, you guessed it right!’s Andrew Houndstooth Scarf is the designer look any gal can pull off. Get yours for only $11.01 (and it’s as soft as cashmere). The expensive designer scarf can be found at The Kooples for $195!

4. Fur is a fashion DO this winter! Fur will glam up any holiday outfit and make you look and feel like a million bucks. Both scarves are soft as can be, but which scarf do you think is the affordable scarf?

If you guessed the scarf on the left to be the affordable scarf then you have a good eye! Scarves Dot Net’s Nadine Faux Fur Loop Scarf is available for only $21.21.The expensive scarf can be found at for $58.

Do you have any advice for shopper on a budget? We’d love to hear it. Comment below and give us your budget-friendly tips! Then head over to to fill up on quality, inexpensive scarves for this season!

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