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Last week our Scarves Dot Net team had the opportunity to donate locally to the Huntsman-Intermountain Cancer Center in Murray, Utah. We were able to donate 100 scarves to cancer patients in need.

We met with the lead cancer educator at IMC, Julie. Julie welcomed us warmly and with surprise that we were donating so many new scarves. We spent an hour there teaching Julie how to tie different types of head scarves and talking about what kinds of items and assistance the education center needs the most. Julie has invited us back to help teach more cancer patients about how to deal with the loss of their hair, both directly at the education center and through presentations given at their support group meetings.

While talking with Julie we were particularly surprised to learn just how badly the cancer institutes need new scarves. Most of the scarves (and wigs) they receive have been well-used and are no longer wearable, leaving the patients with limited resources during the time they need it most.

scarves donation

We are excited to continue working with IMC and other local cancer institutes to help cancer patients feel beautiful all year long – not just in October. Cancer doesn’t take a break, and neither will we. Every month we will donate scarves to a local cancer center, and we plan to set up scarf-tying classes throughout the year.

Scarves Dot Net is always looking for more ways to serve the cancer community. Please contact us if you have any information on how we can help in your area. For more resources on our site, visit our Knots for Hope page.

Huntsman-Intermountain Cancer Center

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