What Scarf are You?


Is it true that you can tell someone by the way they dress or their choice of clothes and accessories? It has been proven that we give out various clues to who we are or our mood of the day through our choice of clothing. Certainly character speaks volumes through clothes and here are a few choices that are highly becoming on particular personality types.

Perfect Professional

perfect professional

The world of business and corporations calls for some sharp and stellar look. Sleek and tidy, professional style is all about keeping it neat and together. Add a bit of flair and pizazz to your everyday office skirt or pant suit with a ruffle scarf, or turn an evening with business associates into an elegant affair by converting a square scarf into an easy throw over kimono that breathes luxurious style.


Reveal the Artist Within

reveal the artist

You can tell an artist from mile away, with their hurriedly and absentmindedly put together look that comes off shabby but is completely unique and fantastically alluring. Fashion, for artists, is more a gamble with frequent hits and misses. Hits are spectacular and oftentimes daring wins that make heads turn and hearts flutter. Own the artist within yourself by simply tying a skinny faux animal fur scarf for a headband, paired with crimped dress or flowing tribal motif print dress you are bound to delight.


Modern Hippie

modern hippie

Embrace the free spirit of the roaring 60’s culture with chic and fashionable flowing dresses, peasant tops and the ever immortal tie dye. Add a bit of punch to your preaching of peace and love with the prototypical hippie accessory in the floral printed or patterned scarf. Worn as a hair-tie or just simply thrown over in the neck in a flowing double loop, or heighten your look with a twisted necktie.


Diva Glam

diva glam

Glamorous girls are easy to spot, when at work or at parties. Incredibly prim and immaculately put together, glamor women know how to pick out stunning accessories that highlight their outfit in a flirtatious and elegant way. Fashionistas love scarves and accessories that make statements and dominate the entire look. A common scarf on a glamor girl would be something like an oversized bolero, or even a square scarf looped and tied in a loose side knot. Paired with fitted silhouette in a knit dress or even a more flare look in the high waist skirt, under a sleeveless top and matched with strap heels.





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