How to Tie a Fancy Braid


With our arsenal of 37 Ways to Tie a Scarf (plus more and more ways), the Scarves Dot Net girls are pretty savvy when it comes to scarf knots. So when we find a new knot that we’ve never seen, we get excited — like noisemaker, confetti, and balloons excited.

The other week as I was catching up on my favorite bloggers, I ran across Kayley from Sidewalk Ready looking chic (as always) with a super fancy-looking scarf knot around her neck. Stacie and I got to the bottom of this and dubbed the scarf “fancy braid.” Sometimes life calls for a fancy scarf, so we made this little video to help you get get the look too:


Easy peasey, right? Our beautiful Pastel Scarves (like the one in the video) are perfect for the fancy braid.
Here’s Kayley looking very pretty in her fancy braided scarf:
girl with fancy braided scarf
[image source] Love her paisley green scarf? We’ve got several pashmina’s similar to hers.
I’ve also been rocking a fancy braided scarf lately:
girl with braided scarf
The heart scarf I’m wearing would be a perfect Valentine’s Day accessory!
braided scarf on mannequin
So go get fancy, and let us know if you try out this new knot!
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  • Posted on by Anne

    Just copied the braided scarf, I just love it, awsome , thanks

  • Posted on by Mrsben2

    Thank you for the video. Not to offend as just a thought; it would also be helpful if the size of scarf it works best with, be mentioned. With appreciation.

  • Posted on by Marsha J Baker

    I’ve been wearing scarves for years and these are fresh new ideas! Thanks so much…gonna practice and wear these soon.

  • Posted on by Diana

    Love your scarf ideas

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