15 Ways to Wear Summer Scarves


We hear it all the time:
“Oh I can’t wear scarves in the summer. It’s too hot!”

Wrong, wrong, wrongity, wrong! (WRONG!) ;) Scarves are much more than a winter accessory — they are a year-round necessity! From shirts, to necklaces, to bustiers, to shrugs — scarves can do it all. And to help all of our warm-weather-scarf-resistant friends, we compiled 15 ways to wear these beauties when the sun’s shining her warmest. ♥

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♥1. The Scarf Bustier

We love when scarves can double as clothes! Wear this Scarf Bustier as a bathing suit cover up, or for your next pool party. Layer a denim jacket over your faux bustier, and pair it with a flowing maxi skirt.


♥2. The Fancy Scarf Braid

When life calls for a fancy knot, be prepared with this scarf-tying technique! While the braid looks complicated, it is actually easy-peasy nice and breezy. ;)


♥3. The Shoulder Duster

This isn’t your grandmother’s scarf knot. Paired with a pair of chic flats and a striped top, this scarf style will have you looking like a 1950s movie star in no time!


♥4. Scarf Bow Tie

There’s almost nothing better than a well-tied bow — pipe-smoking, tweed-jacket-wearing gentlemen and little girls all agree. ;)


♥5. The Carmen Miranda

We think this unique knot looks like a bunch of grapes — Carmen Miranda would approve. This style sure is a sweet treat for your wardrobe. Whether you think this knot looks like a bunch of grapes or a bundle of baubles, this is a truly creative way to wear your scarves!


♥6. Infinity Scarf Twist

We have an endless love for circle scarves, but this might be our favorite way to loop and tie them!


♥7. Girly Windsor Knot

Don’t let your man have all the fun! Sometimes, even girliest of gals needs some necktie inspiration in her wardrobe. Let your scarf double as the feminine equivalent of a necktie.


♥8. Scarf Halter Top

Need a chic and breezy top for a summer soiree? Pair your favorite espradilles with this scarf halter top for an effortless, warm-weather look!


♥9. Twisty Scarf Loop

Take a cue from one of the best Beatles dance tunes and do the twist — with your scarf!


♥10. Scarf Boa

We like to think of this knot as the feather boa’s sophisticated sister. Pair this knot with a blouse,a mini, and sky-high stilettos for city-chic style.


♥11. Skinny Scarf Necklace

Necklaces are nice and scarves are splendid. Why don’t you merge the two and try a super accessory? ;)


♥12. Half-Bow Epaulette

A sister style to our “Half-Bow” scarf-tying tutorial, the “Half-Bow Epaulette” is a fresh knot with a retro equestrian flair. Pair this style with a bohemian blouse and bell-bottom jeans.


♥13. Cowboy Bolo Tie

Try this style with a thin scarf to mimic a western-inspired bolo tie. Giddyup!


♥14. Hollywood Hills

Picture this:You’re cruising a California coastal highway, top down, with a scarf blowing over your shoulder. This knot gives you that look — no matter where you are!


♥15. Infinity Scarf Double Loop

A sweet and simple way to wear one of our favorite scarf styles.


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For more scarf-tying ideas, visit our “Knot Library” with 50+ ways to tie scarves!

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