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Hello all you scarf cats! It’s the end of another week and time for our weekly scarf wrap-up. ;) This weekend all of the girls in the scarf office are heading to downtown Indianapolis to see the Super Bowl Village to check out the draaaastic changes in our beloved Circle City. We’ve also planned to scope out all the “Super Scarves” like the one Sarah’s wearing in the photo above.

The “Super Scarves” are scarves knitted by folks all around the world and then donated to all of the Super Bowl volunteers. The Super Bowl Committee’s original goal was to have 8,000 scarves knitted and donated, but there are now over 13,00! With that kind of scarf enthusiasm, how can we avoid heading downtown?! ;)

A couple fabulous Super Bowl volunteers wearing their “Super Scarves.” They also told us they knitted some scarves to give away as well!

Even the Civil War reenactment guide dug our blue pashmina– we love scarves, we love Indianapolis!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! ♥ ♥ ♥

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