Sisterhood of the Traveling Scarf: Sarah and Tieka


Our Traveling Scarf has been trekking around the country, being passed from blogger to blogger. We’re excited to say that cute and crafty additions are being made to the scarf, and it’s being styled in lovely ways. Here are the scarf’s adventures with the latest gals of the Sisterhood:

Sisterhood of the Traveling Scarf: Sarah and Tieka

We knew the scarf would be in good hands when it arrived on the Sassy Stylista’s doorstep. Sarah added a cute, glittery heart to the scarf, and she wore it during a downtown photo shoot. We hear her adventures with the scarf also involve fish tacos, but we’ll let her tell that story ;)

Traveling Scarf Sarah and Tieka

And from Indiana, the scarf journeyed to visit Tieka from Selective Potential. Tieka donned a pretty purple vintage frock and posed with the scarf in front of The Metaphorest Project mural in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Check out more sweet shots from her scarf shoot here.

We’re happy to report the scarf is currently en route to the East Coast to visit Amy of Stylish Year.

  And then around it goes — where it stops, nobody knows!

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