Scarf Obsession Confession


Hello scarf senoritas!

The ladies of Scarves Dot Net have an itsy bitsy problem today…We are going crazy!

Now, before you call a doctor or dismiss us for doomsville as those crazy cat ladies (what? there’s nothing wrong with our feline fascination!), we’ve got a perfectly good explanation for our madness. You see, while moving into our fancy new nest, we fell head over heels for a few of our scarfalicious new arrivals and fan favorites. And maybe it’s the dreary winter weather, or just the typical lull of a  Tuesday afternoon that’s tipping us toward the loony bin, but this fond admiration has turned into a full-blown scarf obsession.

Here are a few that are making us pounce!

Scarf Obsession Confession

polka dot scarf · green infinity scarf · orange scarf · turquoise scarf · ruffle loop scarf · heart scarf · striped pashmina · pink scarf · tribal pashmina · yellow scarf · floral spring scarf

GAH! You see what we mean? Too much adorableness for us to handle!  

Have a wonderful day mates, and beware of catching our case of the scarf crazies :)

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