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Have you ever wondered why that lovely pop-of-color scarf made you feel a little cheerier, a little sassier, or a little more inspired? Aha! Besides the fact that the scarf itself makes us feel like a million bucks :), we’ve always wondered if the color choice could quite possibly affect our mood, too!

After some investigating, scarf styling, and overall soul-searching, the gals at Scarves Dot Net have uncovered the inside scoop to why a particular scarf hue can make you feel more, well, YOU. Browse the scarf dye chart below to decode your color personality. And while you’re at it, we’ve teamed up with our scarf stylist to bring you a bevy of new ways to loop, knot, twist, tie, and wrap your scarf to perfection. For a little scarf “wearapy,” pick your fave color and tying technique, and embrace that new pep in your step. Why? Because you just colored yourself happy.




A red lady is strong and passionate, she wants what she wants, when she wants, where she wants. She is competitive and courageous; she’s always the first person people pick on their team. She’s never scared to pursue her dreams and goals, and she makes happiness and love the major priorities of her life. A red girl sings in the shower, eats chocolate every day, and takes sugar with her morning coffee. She always makes sure that her loved ones know they are loved, and her enthusiasm for life is contagious.

How to tie the half bow.

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Just as there’s no other word in the English language that rhymes with orange, there is no one quite like an orange girl. She’s warm, optimistic, and extroverted– she’s the daring girl who everyone loves to be around. She is assertive instead of aggressive; an orange girl maintains an air of light-heartedness wherever she goes. (She adores loud concerts and spicy salsa.) The orange girl is a social butterfly who feels energized by all types of people. She knows how to expose her inner wild child while maintaining the respect and dignity she deserves.

How to tie the rosette neck wrap.

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When a yellow girl walks into a room, people can’t help but smile. Her positive, sunny demeanor is contagious, and her energy and warmth radiate through every relationship she nurtures. She is highly imaginative, optimistic, and spiritual — and her creativity and artistic abilities inspire others to get in touch with their craftier sides. The yellow girl is powerful and strong. She loves to take on new challenges, all while keeping that cheery disposition and reliability everyone loves about her.

How to tie the layered knot.

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Like a scoop of sorbet, a lime lady is smooth, tangy, and oh-so-sweet. She’s strong-willed, enthusiastic, and very goal-oriented, which makes her the perfect party host or team leader. While she’s a lover of outdoor adventures and on-the-go schedules, she gives off calming vibes that boast good health, tranquility, and renewal. She’s a breath of fresh air to everyone she meets and inspires others to be spontaneous and shoot for the stars.

How to braid a scarf.

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For Kermit, it might not be easy being green, but for the strong green gal, she can endure and rise above any curve ball thrown her way. Like mother nature, she is naturally beautiful, an animal lover, and doesn’t surround herself with materialistic things or thoughts. The green gal is ambitious and carefree: She thrives in a productive, soothing environment (and loves naps and bubble baths:) ). Her friends and family appreciate her stability, harmony, and ability to make everyone feel secure and loved no matter what.

How to tie the fake knot.

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A turquoise girl is calm and cool on the exterior, but on the inside she’s a creative dreamer with her eyes on the future. Whether she daydreams about winning the state championship swim meet, or earning the coveted corner office, a turquoise girl has her personal goals outlined and she knows what must be done to achieve them. A turquoise girl is a great leader, she’s never labeled “Seniorita Bossypants” and she never rules with an iron fist. Instead, she lets her instinctive influence wash over everyone to help them become the best person they can be.

How to tie the slip knot.

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A blue gal is reliable and and steady, just like the ocean tides. She is a great friend to all because she is so dependable and trustworthy — she hates to cause trouble and is sensitive to the needs of others. A blue girl loves direction and order, and she can’t help but cry during those sad Lifetime movies. Her favorite vacation spot? The ocean, of course!

How to tie the loose knot.

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Although she is not literally Princess Kate, a purple girl is royal on the inside. She’s a multi-tasker who has an aura of intrigue, mystery, creativity, and individuality. A modern Holly Golightly, a purple girl knows that being happy is a way of being wise. With her spunk-yet-refined attitude, a purple girl understands how to stand above the crowd while remaining classic and classy at the same time.

How to tie the French knot.

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A pink lady is the epitome of femininity and fabulousness. Her dainty-sweet nature is reflected in her style: ruffles, bows, hearts, and glittery-goodness. Her adorable, charming attitude makes friends for life and leaves everyone she encounters tickled pink. The pink lady is the queen of loyalty, harmony, and innocence, making her the go-to gal for long, heartfelt talks or a mani/pedi outing with the girls. And when her flirty, romantic side surfaces, one bat of those lashes always seems to steal a few hearts.

How to do a fancy scarf braid.

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♡ Who knew that one fabulous hue could say so much about your inner you?

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