Make-Up Mishaps and Your Scarf


We all have done it. You know, come face-to-face, literally, with that wardrobe-damaging, image-tainting, day-ruining…STAIN! Who doesn’t despise finding the worst stain on a perfect outfit?

And what’s the worst accessory to become stained? Your scarf! Every fabric takes to stains differently: cashmere, silk, wool, cotton, etc. And every style of make-up produces a different stain. Lipstick? Foundation? Blush? Nail polish even? Here’s what does the worst damage and what may erase your problem:

Powder Blushes, Eye Shadows, Bronzers – By far the least of our worries if this light and airy product dispenses itself amongst our starlet scarves. Because this product is a light powder, it should be easy to remove. First rule, do not rub! If you rub the stain in, it will make it worse! Shake it off! Shake it baby, shake it! Other suggestions, vacuum it off (which may be a little harsh for the gentle scarf) or try using a damp duster. If these suggestions don’t work, then see below for other scarf cleaning suggestions.

Liquid Foundation – This can get ugly! This wonderful product is great for your face, but a downfall for your scarf.  It’s oily. Hence, this lovely product sinks into the material, therefore creating a more difficult task for you! When this oily liquid hits your scarf, act fast! Grab the dish soap! …Seriously, dish soap advertises that it cuts grease right? So why wouldn’t it cut it out of your scarf? If this fails, then look below for more suggestions!

Lipstick – Yowza! This beautiful product is brutal on your scarf, no matter what the material. It’s the queen of oil. Don’t rub this mishap, grab the alcohol! (Not the kind that caused you to stain your scarf originally, rubbing alcohol) But be wary of the scarf’s material. Fear damaging your neck décor? Check out below for more stain removing suggestions!

Eye Liner and Lip Liner – We are almost to the worst-of-the-worst stains.  These two products are the worst when it comes to grease! Again grab the alcohol or even baby wipes. But do be cautious of the greasy effects of baby wipes and the damaging effects of alcohol. Didn’t work, try what’s listed below as a back-up..

Nail Polish – The WORST OFFENDER! Avoid this damaging stain as much as possible! If there is an instant spill, freeze it! Then try to peel off the polish.  If it’s set in, grab some nail polish remover. Again, please be gentle! This liquid will eat your scarf. Failed? Try what’s listed below for some more stain lifting potential.

The above failed you?! Not cool…Try chalk, Woolite, Oxy Clean, Dawn Dish Soap, baking soda, rubbing alcohol and nail polish remover. ALWAYS hand wash and thoroughly rinse! Be wary of dry cleaners and never iron the hems of your scarf!

Hooray! Stain removing to the rescue! Do you have an idea that worked for you and it’s not on this site? Let us know!


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