Reuse, Redecorate, Recycle


Do you have a scarf that you love more than Linus loves his blanket? Is it starting to look more worn than wonderful? If that’s the case it might be time to retire your favorite scarf and honor it in a different way. Because it’s more than just a killer accessory; it’s a work of art.

Now I know not everyone was born with creative genius but you don’t have to be Michelangelo to find a decorative use for the scarves you no longer (or can no longer) wear. So get out the craft supplies and try one of these ideas. Not only will your home look bright and beautiful, you’ll save a few bucks by not making another trip to Ikea.

  • Table Runner. No fancy scissors or sewing machine needed. Just drape the scarf over the table, and voilà, a new table runner!
  • Throw Pillows. You can whip out the old needle and thread to create a beautiful throw pillow cover. Or for the sewing-challenged, like me (I blame my mother), you can simply wrap the pillow for an equally great look.
  • Quilt. Sew those old scarves together for a beautiful, and warm blanket.
  • Wall Art. Who needs to drop millions on a Monet when you have scarves to frame?
  • Table Top. Transform your table top with a scarf and piece of plexiglass.
  • Drapery Ties. Find a couple scarves to match your window treatments (or window treatments to match your scarves) and use them to tie back your drapery and let in the sunshine!
  • Curtain Valance. While we’re on the subject of curtains, why not display your favorite scarf as a window valance?
  • Liner. If the thought of cutting into your favorite scarf doesn’t make you cringe, try using a piece of it as a jewelry box liner.

Of course, the uses for scarves are endless. What are some creative ways that you’ve recycled your old scarves?


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