New Merch’ Monday: Wave Crinkled Scarf


When it comes to textures, that which you put around your neck seems like it should have first dibs at the raddest option.  Conveniently, we have scarves for that.The Wave Crinkled Scarf is of the raddest texture, making it quite neck-worthy.  The perfectly patterned wrinkles are confusingly permanent, taking the fabric from simply material to an actual item of clothing.

Available in white, coral, and turquoise, this soft scarf is built for variety–a perfect topper for a multitude of outfits.  And with its lightweight cotton material, it is easy to throw on with your monotones for an attractively carefree look.

The Wave is a medium-sized scarf, at nearly six feet long and two feet wide.  Enough to cover you up and be present, but not big enough to weigh a girl down.  That’s what handbags are for.

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