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Let’s give a big welcome to Ina from My Vogue, a fantastic website that reviews affordable clothing and gives you great tips for putting together that perfect outfit. In this post she gives us her take on wearing scarves in the warmer months – don’t worry, you don’t have to leave your favorite accessory behind!

Have you always thought about scarves as winter accessories only? Well, let me tell you, there is no need to put your stylish scarves away once the cold months are over. Believe it or not, with a little imagination, you can wear your favorite fashion accessory all year round, even during the hot summer. Of course, I am not saying to wrap yourself into a thick knitted shawl when it is 100 degrees outside! Instead, there are beautiful pieces made of cotton, silk, or other light material. The Affordable Scarves boutique has a very nice “summer collection.” Once you pick your favorite scarf from there, go ahead and read these top 5 tips on how to wear it during hot months:

  1. Be stylish – name the most sophisticated and classy fashion accessory??? A scarf! Seriously, that is an absolute necessity in every business look – a silk scarf completing an elegant suit, that’s classy. A cotton scarf matched with a casual outfit will make it fashionable and stylish.
  2. Be creative – a scarf is not only a “neck accessory.” That’s right – why not use it as a kerchief or a belt? My favorite pool outfit in the summer is a light dress, flip flops, sunglasses, and a scarf wrapped around the head – it looks funky and different, plus it protects the hair from the strong sun. Try it out this season – it’s really fun! Accessorizing a linen dress with a scarf instead of heavy leather belt is also a very smart move – it looks much more gentle and feminine. Plus, this way the outfit will be very interesting every time you put on a different scarf.
  3. Be sophisticated – matching colors when creating a fashionable look is very important. For example, I always try to match shoes + purse + belt. Sometimes it’s not possible, though. No matter how hard I looked, I just couldn’t find the same pink suede handbag as the fabulous Italian pumps I bought an year ago. Instead I found the same color scarf! So my way of being sophisticated when I want to wear those suede heels is to combine them with my favorite pink linen scarf and black purse.
  4. Be fashionable – all these different trends every year are a little overwhelming, aren’t they? Not everybody can afford to buy new sets of clothes every season just to be up on the latest fashion. It is much easier and cheaper to buy one or two trendy scarves. Keep in mind at the Affordable Scarves online store you will find all the fashion trends – animal prints, florals, embellishments, metallics, stripes, etc. What else do you need to call yourself a fashionista?
  5. Be comfy and warm – no, I didn’t forget Iwas talking about summer months. However, even in the hottest months I am freezing in the office, at malls, and in all kinds of enclosed areas where the air conditioner is set on 55 degrees when outside it is 90 – you know that’s not healthy at all, right? And in states like Texas where the summer is unbearably hot, most of the time we are inside (unless we’re in the pool) so I always like to have something cozy to keep me warm. Why not a light sweater or a beautiful trendy scarf???
Being fashionable or having your own unique style is not hard at all – even one little thing like wearing a cute scarf during the spring/summer season can accomplish that!
My favorite light pieces from Affordable Scarves are below. (Click on image for product info.)


And because I wanted to show you how beautiful and sophisticated it can look to combine scarves with spring/summer clothes, I matched two outfits on looklet.com.Thanks, Ina, for giving us some great ideas on how to wear scarves all year long! To check out some of our latest warm-weather accessories, be sure to visit the Affordable Scarves Spring and Summer pages!

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