Wednesday Guest Post: Birdie in Vegas!


Happy Wednesday, everybody! As promised, Birdie from Bonne Vie is back to tell us about her adventures in Vegas with the Jessica Circle Scarf. Enjoy!

Every February, my fiancé and I make a trip to Vegas to meet with friends, and to get away from the Pacific Northwest rain. Usually the respite is well needed since it’s generally rainy and around 50F here in Seattle. It’s always a challenge to know what to pack for Vegas since the weather is so drastically different – sunny and 65 during the day, and often cold in the evening. When you’re inside, the temperature is often much cooler than it is outside; bringing a scarf, wrap, or sweater a necessity.

Last year, I wrote about how I packed for Vegas and it was all about finding THE right bag to carry anything I’d need for the day. This year, it will be all about discovering a stylish way to fight the changes in climate, from the hotel to the sunny streets of Sin City, to the overly chilled interiors, to the sometimes chilly Vegas nights. Also, you do have to be prepared for rain, which we discovered this year!

Birdie in Vegas

It rained all weekend – a view from our hotel room

Since loop or circle scarves are such a hit this year (i.e. – the ever-popular necklush look, and Scarves Dot Net’s Jessica Circle scarf), I decided it’d be fun to pair one with my Vegas outfits. I wanted something that would go with everything I packed – even walking through the buildings, the smoky casino smell clings to everything you wear. To minimize the threat of bringing it back to the hotel room, I minimize what I take with me.

The circle scarf is much more versatile than you first think – at first it seems like there’s really only one good way to wear it, but I had a couple tricks for expanding its wearability. It can be wrapped around your shoulders like a stole; worn like a scarf, or like a flapper’s necklace – with one loop longer than the other; or pulled over your head at the threat of a sprinkle. I’m interested in finding new ways to wear the scarf, since it seems like such a versatile design – this is what I’ve come up with so far.

The most basic way I wear my circle scarf is looped – it provides a very sleek image.

Jessica Circle scarf image 1

You can toss it up over your head at the first threat of rain like so:

Jessica Circle scarf image 2

If you’re out for a little fancier occasion, you can wear it like a wrap (and the hood idea works well here, too!)

Jessica Circle scarf image 3  Jessica Circle scarf image 4

My favorite look (which I wore Saturday for a nice dinner out) is currently the stole – this is a great look when you want something thrown over your shoulders, but you don’t want something that will cover up the rest of your outfit.

For this look, I looped it around my neck twice, and pulled one side down over each shoulder.

Jessica Circle scarf image 5

Of course the most effortless way to wear it is still long, with a blazer or short trench thrown over the top.

Jessica Circle scarf image 6

The scarf was a great weight for inside buildings on the strip and it was the perfect weight for the damp, cold desert nights. It’s been a great piece for Seattle as well – where the temperatures are down in the 50’s and it could be sunny one minute and pouring the next. The Jessica Circle scarf has been the perfect addition to my wardrobe this winter, and I’m sure it’ll carry over into spring and summer as well.

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