Stacie’s Scarf Solution for Second-Day Hair


For me, with the curly mop of unruliness that is my hair, second-day hair is not a choice. It is a necessity. You would be amazed at the amount of product that goes into taming curly hair. (To my fellow curly-locked gals, am I right or what?)

While I was in college, I lived in a sorority for three years and I had different roommates each semester. I remember one instance with a new roommate, I was getting ready for class in the morning after washing my hair. My roommate and I were chatting and I started doling out some mousse into my hand mid-conversation. When I put the bottle of mousse down onto the dresser, I turned to look at my roommate. Her mouth was open looking at my hand full of mousse.

“You put that much stuff in your hair?” she said. I became self-conscious with her look of disgust and awe.
“Um, yeah?” I said. “Curly hair requires a lot of taming.” I didn’t mention that I was about to use a bit of gel and hairspray as well.

With the (embarrassing) amount of product and work that is required to make me look like a regular person instead of Miss Frizzle’s sandy-blonde-haired daughter, I usually wash my hair only twice per week. Not only does it keep my hair from drying out, it also cuts down on my hair product costs. So on the third or fourth day of unwashed hair, I definitely need a scarf solution.

This is the scarf I used. It is actually a regular-sized neck scarf, but I wrapped it around my head twice using the rosette wrap head scarf tutorial. I definitely advise using a thinner neck scarf as a head scarf (and I twisted my scarf to make it a bit thinner). I was pleasantly surprised by how it came out! And the scarf does a very nice job as a hair tamer.


Stacies Scarf Solution for Second-Day Hair


Which as you can see has been a lifelong battle.



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