The Governor of Indiana Came to Visit!


Governor of Indiana
♥♥Hey all you scarf-cats, it’s no secret that we love our little home here in Indianapolis and we think it’s something really special, but today it was even more spectacular than usual because the governor of Indiana came TO THE SCARF OFFICE to honor the promising growth of our company. (Hip-hip-hooray-yippie-ki-yay!) ; )

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony.jpg(Ribbon-cutting ceremony for our new office… Did we tell you we have a new office? More on that later. ; ))

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Office.jpg(Our fearless owners.)

Fearless-owner Angie
(Fearless-owner Angie looking cuter-than-a-scarf-cat while she gives interviews. We’d never change a thing about her… Except we’d replace that necklace for a scarf in a poof!) Hehe. ; ) #kidding #necklacesAreNiceToo

 Indiana Governor

And we just have to say to all you scarf kittens in the world, thank you so much for the continuous support and dedication to our small-but-mighty company. Your tweets, Facebook shares, blog loves, and comments are what makes working at the scarf store so grand. ; ) (And you know, researching scarves all day isn’t a bad gig at all.) ♥♥♥

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