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You’re in for a chic treat because today’s guest blogger is the The Art of Accessories‘ DWJ, a lovely lady with a resume that includes features in the Washington Post online and a Kreativ Blogger Award. As implied in the title, DWJ’s corner of the blogosphere is caulked full of valuable fashion accessories-centric insight and we were thrilled when she agreed to join our guest blogger family. Read on for a peek into the mind of a fellow accessories lover.

Q: Tell us a little about yourself and how you fell into the world of fashion/shopping blogging.

A: I began my blog as a project for grad school. I had to create a website with a blog element to it and since I’ve always loved makeup and accessories it was the easiest idea for me to come up with. The class was in January 2008 and now I’ve reached my 1000th post! I can’t believe a small project turned into something I love so much.

Q: What is your personal scarf style?

A: I love infinity scarves or big graphic silk scarves. Infinity scarves are great because they take all of the guess work out of how to wrap your scarf. Plus, I’m always cold and I tend to wear scarves a lot at work so I think they can be a great accessory.

I love silk scarves because they can add another layer of texture and interest with a great pattern. You can tie them in your hair, wear them around your neck, use them as a belt, they’re very versatile.

Q: What’s your favorite way to wear a scarf?

A: I tend to stick to the traditional and wear them around my neck but I do love a great bold scarf to mask a bad hair day.


Q: What advice would you give someone struggling with which scarf to choose?

A: Start with your favorite color, that makes it easy. Then you already know you love something about the scarf. If not your favorite color go for something that will compliment your wardrobe or your coat and then you have a reason to wear it repeatedly.

Q: Tell us about your blog. What do you hope to accomplish with it?

A: The Art of Accessories is a blog about how accessories like scarves, handbags, jewelry, shoes and makeup can make a wardrobe. You can wear simple pieces but totally change how they look and feel just by changing the accessories. With my blog I try to help my readers expand their wardrobe in economical ways, try new bold things and have fun with their accessories.

Q: Is there anything else you’re dying to share?

A: For the holidays I did a wonderful gift guide and we’ll be doing a Translating the Trends series this spring to show how to make the trends for spring work for your everyday life.

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