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Hey all you scarf cats! I shared this post originally on my blog, but I thought I’d share it here as well. :) ~Stacie

A few summers ago, back before I started working for the good ol’ Scarves Dot Net, I checked out this incredible book called “99 Ways to Cut, Sew, Tie & Rock Your Scarf” and I found this tutorial inside. (And PS– the rest of this book is pretty amazing. :))

What you need to make a scarf shirt:

– 2 square scarves. (I love the feel of the silk scarves, they make a wonderfully fluttery shirt.)
-Needle & thread.
make a scarf shirt
First you need to lay the two scarves on top of each other and make the corners match up. Then stitch the scarf together in strategic spots around the outside edges of the two scarves. I marked in the photo where I stitched my scarves together. If you don’t want to sew two scarves together, you can take those tiny little safety pins and put them on the inside of the scarf. Then when you want to wear them as scarves again, you can just take them out!
Silk Scarf Shirt
I really love this shirt because I think scarves have some of the prettiest prints, textures, and patterns. If you try the no-sew scarf shirt route with safety pins, try thinking outside your usual color/pattern combo box. You might be surprised by what looks good paired together!
no-sew scarf shirt
Until next time, happy DIY’ing. :)

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